PreTour 2015 | Saturday, June 27, 2015

Celebrations: On The Bricks and Beyond

How does PreTour work?

5-7 p.m. | Guests will stroll along a private tour of homes and gardens in German Village

7-8:15 p.m. | Guests will see and be seen at the annual Willow Street cocktail party

8:30 p.m. | Guests will attend an intimate dinner of their choice at a private home in the Village or attend the community-centered Party on the Platz (POP) presented by Merrill Lynch at the German Village Meeting Haus, where they eat, drink and  dance the night away.

Tickets: $175 for non-members | $150 for GVS members | $125 YP Party on the Platz (35 years old and younger) | $75 PreTour and Cocktail Party only (no dinner) – 30 max

*All but $50 of every ticket is tax deductible.

Here are the dinner options left:

Ever wish you could have DINNER at the Wall Street Journal’s pick for best brunch? PreTour will feature Columbus-renowned Chef Caskey from Skillet preparing a “Summer Barnraiser” that’s sure to be an off-menu, delectable crowd-pleaser.

Food Truck Fete – CAKE ON A STICK. Oops. Yes, there will be cake on a stick. This nonstaurant (that’s non-traditional restaurants in a non-traditional setting for you to add to your food truck vernacular), coupled with a steel-drum band is the perfect setting to bring out the foodie in you.

Feel “Like A Virgin” to this whole PreTour idea? Choose the chic Party on the Platz presented by Merrill Lynch; an outdoor party with drinks, food and dancing under the stars. It’s a Madonna Launch Party this year celebrating 1980s glam with food by G. Michael’s AND Barcelona. You’ll never get those two chefs in one meal anywhere else! Be sure not to spill any on your cone-shaped bras and white blazers folks!


Private Dinners

Private dinners are a gift to German Village Society and hosted by German Village residents and celebrate the theme of the evening: Celebrations: On the Bricks and Beyond.

PreTour Chairs: Ronni & Darrell VanLigten, Dave Wible, Joshua Zimmerman

Thank you to our DINNER HOSTS

Susan & Neil Rector
67 E. Deshler: She’s A Brick House

Julee & Graham Stephenson
From the Streets of North Beach

Jeanne Likins & Joseph Flood
Festa di San Giovanni Battista

Chef Caskey – Skillet
Summer Barnraiser

Kristyn & Chris Hartman
Celebrating Chillin’ and Grillin’

Brigid Butler, Bill Curlis, Patrick Sanderson, Connie Seckel, Bert Stevens
Food Truck Fete

David Schooler & Lonni Thompson
Summer Solstice

Darci Congrove & John Pribble
Birthday Dinner at the Kahiki

Sally Levy, Lynn Elliott, Jennifer & John Joseph
Asian Fusion: From the Bricks of German Village to the Bricks of The Great Wall

Jackie Hoying & Tammy Moore
Beyond the Bricks: Celebrating on the Beach

Joshua Zimmerman & Justin Celiano, Jim & Nancy Turner, Mark & Keriann Ours
Happy Days Are BEER Again

Claire & Dan Murphy
Fete en Blanc

Connie Cline & Louis Smith, Susan & Norman Carmichael
German Village Celebrates the Cuisine of New Orleans

Richard & Sharon Petitt, Mary & Dave Ross
Star Spangled Birthdays: USA/RLP

Denny Valot & Bruce Meyer
Beyond the Bricks: Celebration in a Secluded and Peaceful Garten

Norm Hall
Norm’s 25 years in GV

Kim & Jim Cowie
Celebrations on Beale St.: Blues, Bricks and BBQ

Jordanne Renner & Ryan Pitts
A VERY Merry UNbirthday!

Susan Sutherland, Debbie Jaeger, Jan Clark, Susan Kasey

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Amanda Ortlip
50 Ways to Celebrate

Party on the Platz presented by Merrill Lynch | chaired by Beth Burkes and Nick Reshan

Thank you also to our Anhangers

Athletic Club of Columbus
Beth & Jim Atkinson
Tim Bibler
BOSS Fitness
Nick Cavalaris
Corna Kokosing
Heidi & Larry Drake
Barb & Ed Elberfeld
Anne Gallutia
Greg Gamier & Jeff Lowe
Carole & Nelson Genshaft
Amy Goldstein & Marc Sigal
Nelson Heinrichs
Historical Homes, Juanita& Alex Furuta
Susan & Jay Kasey
Doris & Dan Korda
Joe Kurzer
Michele McFadden & Maurice Manring
Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Jim Plunkett
Doug Preisse
Danielle & George Skestos
David Smith
Square One Salon
Kathy & Alec Wightman
Jeffrey Wolfe


Thank You to Our 2015 In-Kind Tour Partners

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